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How To Apply?

You can easily apply Panaspacer by following the steps below, without the need for a professional team.

Things to Consider in Panaspacer Application

  1. The basic element should be a clean and closed area.

  2. The spacer mounting apparatus should be adjusted to apply light pressure to the spacer.

  3. Spacer should be glued 2-3 mm inside from the glass edge.

  4. The spacer should be glued vertically at 90°, not lying flat.

  5. The spacer must be cut straight at the end point for proper sealing.

  6. The spacer end point should be cut exactly from scratch, not longer than the glass.

  7. After the spacer is glued to the first glass, the alignment pins on the table should be removed, and the processing of the second glass should definitely be done with the help of 90 ̊C pins.

  8. Properly processed glass should be fed to the pressing machine diagonally, with the sharp corner facing forward.

  9. The surface temperature of the glass when it comes out of the press should be between 45 ̊C and 50 ̊C.

  10. Conveyor speed should be adjusted according to these temperatures. This detail is very important.

  11. The glass coming out of the press should be pressed flat against the spacer from the opposite side with the help of the teflon piece.

  12. The sealed part should be pressed firmly and checked by hand

  13. Double glasses coming out of the press should be stacked on shelves with an angle of 90 ̊C and this should be taken into consideration during transportation.

  14. During installation on the window, the sealed corner should be brought to the top.

  15. At the end of the day, the unfinished spacer should be placed back in the aluminum foil package and its mouth should be taped.

  16. Spacer boxes should never be placed on their sides, pay attention to the signs and warnings on the box.

  17. Spacer shelf life is 2 years provided that it is kept under suitable conditions.

The Panaspacer must be stocked as follows, strictly in accordance with the instructions!

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